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Monday, 2 November 2015

'You know better than I'

I love this is a true song of acceptance and obedience to God.

How often do we feel like we've done everything right, everything we can to reach God and fulfill our destinies, only to end up frustrated and disappointed by what's happened, where we are etc?

The truth is that often the best thing we can all do is put our trust in God and recognise that "maybe knowing I don't know, is part of getting through."
If we try and second guess what's asked of us and run ahead thinking we're further on than we are, or better than we are... We end up somewhere down the line leaving the path God has set out for us and having to backtrack.

Once we recognise and say to God 'you know better than I' we will find the pressure off, and a closer walk with God can begin, this obviously doesn't stop us trying to discover what God wants of us but we always remember that it is and always will be God who's in charge, and God who calls us, and God who knows what, where, when, and how we will serve and grow.

I've felt like that so many times in my life, God has always been faithful, always ready to help me get back on track, and occasionally to 'give me that look' and perhaps have a little chuckle when I've spent so long focusing and worrying about things that are just so frivolous and nonsensical...eventually I laugh at myself and wonder why I was so silly... God is good and will always Be ready to bring us back into the fold... Sometimes though it requires us to be humble and risk looking silly and ridiculous in front of those we love and care about... Sometimes our pride must be the First casualty of war...